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White Magic Spin Mop

White Magic Turbo Spin Mop Hand Press

White Magic Turbo Spin Mop Hand Press

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White Magic Turbo Spin Mop and Bucket


White Magic Turbo is the new improved Hand Press Spin Mop designed with dual functions – washing & drying. We have included 1 Super Absorbent Mop Head in the set so you are armed with the power of next generation microfibre to scrub and clean all your hard floor surfaces. A compact spin mop and bucket set designed to deliver efficient and convenient cleaning for all hard floor surfaces. With its stainless steel construction and microfiber mop, this multi-purpose cleaning tool ensures drier floors and effectively traps dirt and grime. The spin action of the mop head offers a quick and thorough clean, while the mop refill provides long-lasting use. Whether you’re tackling spills or routine maintenance, this spin mop and bucket set is ideal for a variety of floor surfaces. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Turbo Spin Mop Hand Press for your everyday cleaning needs.

Introducing the Turbo Spin Mop Hand Press by White Magic, ideal for all hard floor surfaces, designed to redefine your cleaning experience. This spin mop and bucket system effortlessly integrates functionality with convenience, mop head traps all the dirt, producing superior cleaning outcomes for your floors.

As the leading product in our portfolio, the White Magic Spin Mop is the ultimate solution for achieving immaculate floors. Made in Australia, it is considered the best spin mop in the country, offering unparalleled performance and durability.

Equipped with a unique hand-press system, this spin mop allows you to dictate the mop’s moisture level, ensuring you have the right amount of dampness for every cleaning situation. You can press the handle down to spin the mop, wringing out excess water, and lift to stop the spinning.

The White Magic Spin Mop stands out with its innovative 360-degree spinning head, enabling it to reach even the most inaccessible corners. Whether it’s under furniture or along narrow pathways, this spinning mop leaves no spot untouched, ensuring you have a thoroughly cleaned floor every time.

But it’s not just about its impressive functionality; it’s about making your life easier. The spin mop and bucket system is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and its bucket’s compact design allows for hassle-free storage. When you’re finished with your cleaning task, the mop head can be detached and washed, ready for its next use.

Investing in the White Magic Spin Mop means investing in a product that’s designed to last. The spin mop’s build quality is superior, and its mop heads are replaceable, adding to the product’s lifespan.

To wrap up, the Turbo Spin Mop Hand Press is more than just a mop. It’s a smart cleaning solution designed for those who value cleanliness and convenience. Join the scores of Australians who consider this the best spin mop and discover the joy of effortlessly clean floors today. With White Magic, your mop doesn’t just spin; it works magic.

Item Dimensions Approximately:
Bucket: 48x30x30cm
Dual Handle: 140cm
Mop head Diameter: 39cm

  • HANDLE x1
    • New & Improved – spins 30% faster
    • Lightweight & strong 1.35m Handle
    • Pivots 180 degrees & Spins 360 degrees
  • MOP HEAD x4
    • 3 microfibre mop heads + 1 microfingre mop head
    • Microfibre mop head made from 8000 strands of absorbent microfibres
    • Machine washable at least 100 times ( front loader only)
  • BUCKET x1
    • Cleaning Agitator
      • Brand new feature – cleans mop head
      • Spin the mop head clean under water
    • Drying Basket
      • Rotates at 2600 rmp to dry the mop head
      • Removable spinner for small jobs & easy cleaning
    • Removable Spinner for small jobs and easy cleaning

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