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White Magic Spin Mop

White Magic Foot Press Spin Mop

White Magic Foot Press Spin Mop

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The patented spinning mechanish expels water at faster RPM to effortlessly dry the mop with few presses of your foot. The spinning device works like a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and water from the mop.

  • HANDLE x1
    • Revolutionary new handle
    • Can operate with foot & hand press
    • Pivots 180 degrees & Spins 360 degrees
    • Microfibre mop head made from 8000 strands of absorbent microfibres
    • Machine washable at least 100 times ( front loader only)
  • BUCKET x1
    • Foot Pedal
      • Control the wetness of the mop with every press
    • Drying Basket
      • Rotates at 2600 rmp to dry the mop head
      • Removable spinner for small jobs & easy cleaning
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