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Visor Organiser

Visor Organiser

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Introducing the Visor Organiser, the perfect accessory to keep your essentials within reach and your car interior organized. This versatile organiser attaches to your car’s visor, providing convenient storage for various items. With its see-through pocket, mesh pocket, deep padded pocket, long pockets, seatbelt-style webbed straps, and spot clean maintenance, it’s an essential addition to your car. Here’s why it stands out:

  • See-through Pocket for Photos, Cards, and Registration: The Visor Organiser features a convenient see-through pocket that allows you to store and display photos, cards, and important documents such as your vehicle registration. This transparent pocket keeps your cherished memories and essential information easily visible and accessible.
  • Mesh Pocket for Keys and Change: The organiser is equipped with a mesh pocket designed to hold keys, loose change, or small items that you want to keep within easy reach. This mesh pocket ensures that your keys and change are securely stored and easily accessible whenever you need them.
  • Deep, Padded Pocket for Sunglasses and Smartphones: Protect your sunglasses and smartphones with the deep, padded pocket of the Visor Organiser. This pocket provides a safe and cushioned storage space, keeping your valuable items protected from scratches and damage while on the go.
  • Two Long Pockets for Brochures, Maps, and Letters: The Visor Organiser includes two long pockets, perfect for storing brochures, maps, letters, or other documents you want to keep handy during your travels. These long pockets provide ample storage space and keep your documents organized and within reach.
  • Seatbelt-Style Webbed Straps with Hook and Loop Closure: The organiser is equipped with seatbelt-style webbed straps that securely attach to your car’s visor. These straps feature a hook and loop closure, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The sturdy construction keeps the organiser in place, even during bumpy rides.
  • Spot Clean Maintenance: Cleaning the Visor Organiser is a breeze. Simply spot clean it with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dirt or stains, and it will be ready to use again. This easy cleaning process ensures that the organiser stays in excellent condition for long-lasting use.

The Visor Organiser offers a practical and efficient solution for keeping your essentials organized and easily accessible in your car. With its see-through pocket, mesh pocket, deep padded pocket, long pockets, seatbelt-style webbed straps, and spot clean maintenance, it provides a versatile and convenient storage solution that enhances your driving experience.

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