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White Magic

Tung Brush

Tung Brush

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  • Upside-Down Scrubbing Design: Designed for upside-down scrubbing, providing a unique method for effective tongue cleaning. This design allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas effectively.
  • Counteracts Bad Breath: Clinical research indicates that odour-causing bacteria on the tongue is the primary cause of bad breath. It targets these bacteria, thus reducing bad breath.
  • Short, Firm Bristles: The Tung Brush features short, firm bristles that effectively penetrate crevices where bacteria hide. These bristles are designed to remove bacteria and food particles without causing discomfort.
  • Minimises Gag Reflex: With its low profile and wide head, the Tung Brush minimises the gag reflex, making it an excellent choice for those who find traditional tongue cleaning tools uncomfortable.
  • Superior Performance: Outperforms toothbrushes and scrapers, providing superior cleaning efficiency. Using the Tung Brush regularly will help to maintain oral health and fresh breath.

In summary, the White Magic Tung Brush offers a revolutionary way to combat bad breath and maintain oral hygiene. With its innovative design and superior performance, it offers a simple and effective solution to keep your tongue clean and free from odour-causing bacteria.

How to use
Extend tongue and lightly brush from the back of the tongue to the tip (for approx. 10 seconds). Brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth. Replace your TUNG Brush at least every 3 months when you replace your toothbrush. To soften bristles, run under warm water.

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