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Small Double Helix BBQ Brush

Small Double Helix BBQ Brush

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Introducing the Small Double Helix Barbecue Brush, a revolutionary tool designed to elevate your BBQ experience. With its patented continuous bristle design and ergonomic handle, this brush offers unparalleled performance and convenience. Here are the key features and benefits:

  • Continuous bristle design: The patented double helix design ensures that the bristles maintain their shape and integrity even with repeated use. This means you can rely on the brush to deliver consistent and effective cleaning results every time.
  • Comfortable grip: The handle of the brush is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. This allows for easy maneuverability and control while cleaning your BBQ grates and grills.
  • Dual cleaning action: The double helix bristle arrangement enables simultaneous cleaning of both the sides and tops of the grill rods. This saves you time and effort, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning with every stroke.
  • Spring bristle technology: The flexible and durable spring bristles easily bend and adapt to the contours of your BBQ grates and grills. This allows for effective scraping and removal of grease, grime, and residue, leaving your BBQ ready for cooking.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Small Double Helix Barbecue Brush and take your BBQ game to the next level. The small double helix BBQ brush will clean the side and top of the grill rods at the same time. Easy to scrape your BBQ grate & grills. Upgrade your BBQ cleaning routine with the Small Double Helix Barbecue Brush. Patented continuous bristle design. Comfortable grip. Dual cleaning action.

Size : 30cm

How to use

  1. Pre heat the barbecue for 10-15 minutes on the highest heat
  2. Wet brush in water and scrub the grill
  3. Continue to wet the brush as it dries out
  4. When the brush gets dirty, rinse in warm water, or place in a dishwasher

Tip: Oil your food and not the grill – this will reduce build up of food debris on the grill.

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