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Masha + Spiraliser

Masha + Spiraliser

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Masha –

Engineered to perform

Metal drive gears and a powerful double reduction gearbox provide the muscle to drive the ROTOR at exactly the right speed for the perfect result.  We know a product you use every day must be built to last. That’s why every material and component in the PREP Masha has been carefully developed to provide years of trouble free use.

Rotor-cone technology

The key to consistently smooth, creamy mashed potato is to remove all the lumps without over-processing. Conventional high speed cutting and chopping blades over-process and rupture the starch grains producing a glue like consistency.  The patented ROTOR-CONE technology in the Masha uses a low speed rotor to force mash through an outer mesh. This produces mash with a perfect consistently and no lumps, in seconds.

Quick release rotor blade

A spring loaded mechanism locks the shaft when the power unit is detached, allowing the Rotor Blade to be removed with a simple turn and click. This means there are no places for ingredients to hide, making wash-up a breeze.

Compact design

Storage space is at a premium in any kitchen. That’s why we were determined to make the Masha as compact as possible. It was designed to slip into the cutlery drawer so it’s always at hand and easy to store.

Easy to hold & use

The Masha had to be simple to operate and effortless to use. So we created a forward biased non-slip handgrip with balanced weight distribution and a perfectly positioned button. This means it places less strain on your wrist and always feels comfortable to hold.


Masha Spiraliser Attachment –

– Perfect vegetable noodles and spirals in an instant 


Perfect Spiral In Seconds

  • Consistent results every time
    • The funnel ensure the entire vegetable hits  the super sharp blades at the perfect angle every time resulting in perfect spirals in seconds.
  • Simple to operate and effortless to use
    • No need to turn or spin a handle, simply squeeze with your forefinger and apply gentle downward pressure to get spirals in an instant.
  • Easy to clean and store
    • All parts of the spiraliser attachment set are dishwasher safe and nest together for easy storage.

Healthy stylish spirals

The spiraliser attachment for the Masha allows you to prepare a wide variety of your favorite vegetables in a whole new way. Create zucchini spaghetti for a healthy and delicious alternative to pasta. Garnish like the professionals with spirals of carrot or cucumber. Get your kids eating more vegetables by making them look fun.


What’s included in the box:

  • Funnel
  • Storage Bowl
  • Noodle Blade
  • Ribbon Blade
  • Spiraliser Drive

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 13.5 × 13 cm



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