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i-hook Pot Lid Holder

i-hook Pot Lid Holder

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Introducing the i-hook Pot Lid Holder, a groundbreaking storage solution designed to bring unprecedented convenience and organization to your kitchen. This pot lid holder leverages revolutionary nano suction material for superior functionality and durability. Here’s why it’s a standout:

  • Revolutionary Nano Suction Material: The i-hook Pot Lid Holder is crafted from a cutting-edge nano suction material that binds strongly to any flat sealed surface. This robust adhesion ensures that your pot lids remain secure and accessible at all times.
  • Impressive Resilience: Built to withstand diverse conditions, the i-hook Pot Lid Holder is resistant to heat, water, sun, and cold. This attribute allows you to install it in any location within your home or office, providing versatile storage options.
  • Highly Repositionable: The Lid Holder can be removed and repositioned hundreds of times to adapt to your evolving storage needs, without losing its gripping power.
  • Washable for Renewed Strength: If it gets dirty, the adhesive layer of the Lid Holder can be washed to restore it to its optimal strength, ensuring it continues to perform consistently over time.
  • Efficient Space Utilization: The Lid Holder allows you to make the most of vertical space, keeping your countertops clear and your pot lids within easy reach.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the Lid Holder is hassle-free. No need for drills or screws – just clean the surface, press, and attach. This ensures no potential damage to your surfaces.
  • Sleek Design: Beyond its strong functionality, the Lid Holder offers a sleek, modern design that effortlessly integrates into any kitchen decor, adding a practical and aesthetic touch to your space.

The i-hook Pot Lid Holder truly represents a revolution in kitchen storage. With its innovative design, this reusable, washable, and highly durable pot lid holder provides a superior solution for organizing your pot lids in a convenient and stylish manner.

The i-hook is made from a revolutionary nano suction material that binds to any flat sealed surface strongly but can be removed and repositioned hundreds of times.
This material is heat, water, sun and cold resistant so it allows storage in every imaginable place in the home or office.
When dirty the adhesive layer can be washed and returned to its optimal strength.

How to use:

1. Clean and dry surface.
2. Remove plastic film from back of i-hook.
3. Press firmly onto surface, pressing out as many air bubbles as possible.
4. For maximum strength, wait 24hrs before using.
5. Click the Pot Lid Holder onto the i-hook in 2 places.
6. When removing, unclick the Pot Lid Holder in 2 places. Then peel the i-hook from one corner.
7. When cleaning the i-hook, wash under cold water using only your hands to wipe away dirt. Do not use any harsh cleaning solutions, bleaches or abrasive cleaners as this may damage the i-hook.
8. When cleaning the Pot Lid Holder, use a damp cloth (Stainless Steel Eco Cloth). Do not use any harsh cleaning solutions, bleaches or abrasive cleaners as this may damage the stainless steel.

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Dimensions 13 × 32 × 22 cm
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