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i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack

i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack

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i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack – Pantry Shelf

A revolutionary nano suction material that binds strongly to any smooth sealed surface such as tile, polished timber, stainless steel, glass, melamine and plastic are all perfect surfaces. Heat, water, sun and cold resistant i-hook Pantry Rack can be repositioned hundreds of times and washed if dirty. Great for inside kitchen pantry doors for storing any shape of jar, can or bag. Also would work great in a bathroom and laundry. Holds 8 kg and is made from premium grade stainless steel.

Introducing the i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack, an exceptional storage solution designed specifically for organizing your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry space. This product harnesses the power of a revolutionary nano suction material coupled with versatile functionality and remarkable durability. Here’s why it’s the perfect fit for your storage needs:

  • Groundbreaking Nano Suction Material: The i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack utilizes a revolutionary nano suction material for a firm hold on any smooth, sealed surface. It perfectly clings to tile, polished timber, stainless steel, glass, melamine, or plastic, offering unparalleled stability.
  • Designed for Varied Items: This pantry shelf is uniquely designed to store items of any shape – be it jars, cans, or bags. It’s the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry doors, helping you organize effectively.
  • Resilience Against Elements: Built to endure different conditions, the i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack is resistant to heat, water, sun, and cold. This ensures its utility regardless of the environment it’s placed in.
  • Reusable and Washable: The i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack embodies reusability. You can reposition it hundreds of times, suiting your ever-changing storage needs. If it gets dirty, washing it renews its strong adhesion.
  • Robust Weight Capacity: With a holding capacity of up to 8 kg, this pantry rack is capable of managing a variety of items, even those with considerable weight.
  • Constructed with Premium Materials: The i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack is made from premium grade stainless steel, ensuring it withstands the test of time and maintains its sleek aesthetic.
  • Space-Efficient: This i-hook pantry shelves optimise vertical space utilization, enabling you to keep your pantry, bathroom, or laundry clutter-free.
  • Easy Installation: No need for drills or screws – installing the i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack is a breeze. This means no potential damage to your surfaces. Just clean the surface, press, and start storing.
  • Sleek Design: Alongside its robust functionality, the i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack features a sleek design that effortlessly blends into any decor style, adding both practicality and aesthetics to your space.

The i-hook Kitchen Pantry Rack offers a smart solution for efficient storage. With its innovative design, this reusable, washable, and robust rack provides a sophisticated approach to organizing your space effectively.

Size: 10cm (D) x 30cm (W) x 10cm (H)
Pad size: 7.5cm x 22cm

  • Transforms the inside of cupboard doors into functional storage areas
  • High Gloss Stainless Steel prevents rust
  • i-hook holds firmly to any sealed, flat surface: Melamine, Plastic, Steel, Glass, Enamel Paint
  • Heat, Water, Sun and Cold Resistant

How to use

  1. Clean and dry surface.
  2. Remove plastic film from back of i-hook.
  3. Press firmly onto surface, pressing out as many air bubbles as possible.
  4. For maximum strength wait 24hrs before using.
  5. When removing, peel from one corner.
  6. If dirty, wash under cold water, using only your hands to wipe away dirt.
  7. Do not use any cleaning agents, cloths or scourers to wipe the adhesive layer.

Where to use

  • Tiles
  • Glass
  • Steel / Aluminium
  • Melamine
  • Plastic
  • Polished Timber

Additional information

Weight 0.57 kg
Dimensions 31 × 11 × 17 cm



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