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Eco Basics

Eco Basics Cooler Bag

Eco Basics Cooler Bag

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Introducing the Eco Basics Cooler Bag, the perfect companion for keeping your beverages refreshingly cool on-the-go. Crafted with utmost care and eco-consciousness, this bag combines functionality and sustainability to enhance your outdoor experiences.

Here are the key features and benefits of the Eco Basics Cooler Bag:

  1. Keep Your Drinks Icy Cool: Designed to maintain optimal temperature, this cooler bag ensures that your drinks stay icy cool even in warm weather conditions. Say goodbye to warm beverages and hello to refreshing sips.
  2. Natural Jute Outer Skin with Aluminium and PE Insulation: The bag features a natural jute outer skin, providing a durable and stylish exterior. Inside, there is a layer of aluminium and PE insulation that acts as an effective barrier against heat, keeping your drinks cold for extended periods.
  3. Spacious Capacity: With ample space, this cooler bag can accommodate up to 8 bottles of wine or 16 cans of beer. Whether you’re heading to a picnic, beach outing, or outdoor gathering, you can conveniently carry enough beverages for you and your companions.
  4. Compostable Jute and Recyclable Aluminium: At the end of its life cycle, this cooler bag offers environmentally friendly disposal options. The jute material is compostable, meaning it can naturally decompose, minimizing its impact on the environment. The aluminium layer is recyclable, allowing for efficient resource utilization and waste reduction.
  5. Sturdy and Well-Insulated Construction: The bag’s design incorporates a 2mm jute fabric, 5mm foam padding, and a 1mm foil lining, resulting in a thickness of approximately 8mm. This robust construction ensures durability and excellent insulation, maintaining the coolness of your drinks for an extended period.

The Eco Basics Cooler Bag is the ideal choice for those who value convenience, sustainability, and functionality. Whether you’re heading to a picnic, camping trip, or any outdoor adventure, this bag will keep your beverages cool, refreshing, and ready to enjoy. Embrace eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on quality and style with the Eco Basics Cooler Bag.

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