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Rapid Mop Complete

Rapid Mop Complete

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Introducing the White Magic Rapid Mop Complete, a game-changing tool for commercial cleaning.

  • Colour-Coded System: A hallmark of this mop is the innovative colour-coding feature. Simply choose the colour-coded ring that suits your cleaning area and affix it to the handle. This feature allows for swift identification, making it ideal for commercial environments where cleaning hygiene standards and area designation are paramount.
  • Compatible with SYR 40cm Flat Mops: This mop is designed to work seamlessly with SYR 40cm flat mops. The easy-to-use hook and loop attachment system means mop head changes are quick and effortless, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • Microfibre Pad Option: Choose the microfibre pad for high-performance cleaning. Perfect for picking up minute dust particles and scrubbing away stubborn stains, this pad ensures an immaculate clean every time.
  • Performance Pad Option: For challenging cleaning tasks in high-traffic areas, the performance pad is your go-to option. Built for durability and extensive use, this pad is suitable for demanding commercial cleaning scenarios.
  • Thumb-Operated Spray Control: The Rapid Mop features a thumb-operated spray control at the top of the handle for on-demand spraying. A simple press directs the spray onto the floor ahead of the mop, ensuring the area is adequately moistened for effective cleaning.
  • Built for Commercial Use: The White Magic Rapid Mop Complete is crafted with commercial cleaning needs in mind. Its sturdy construction can withstand the rigours of everyday use in commercial settings like offices, schools, retail outlets, or hospitality venues.

The White Magic Rapid Mop Complete sets a new standard for commercial cleaning equipment. By integrating colour-coding, easy mop head attachment, and multiple pad options, it offers a versatile solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in any commercial environment. Make the smart choice for your cleaning needs – choose the White Magic Rapid Mop Complete.

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